2001 Midyear 
Board of Governors Meeting


2001 Midyear Board of Governors Meeting  
March 31, 2001  
The Austin Hotel and Convention Center  
Hot Springs, Arkansas.  

Continuation of the meeting from March 30, 2001.

The meeting was called to order by President Williams.

Update on State Court Issues in Congress.  Kay Farley reported that it is all new in Washington.  Everyone in Congress and the White House are just trying to get started and figure out how to proceed.  The budget is the main topic.

Ad Hoc Committees.

            1.  Judicial Leadership for Ethnic Equality.  No report.  
            2.  Judicial Leadership for Substance Abuse Reduction Initiative.  The NCSC submitted a grant to SJI on behalf of the AJA.  The grant may yet be approved.  If it is, then we will have a 12 month project to develop and deliver an educational project for non-drug court judges to deal with drug cases.  If we get the grant it will be a first for AJA.  
         3.  Therapeutic Jurisprudence.  A written report is in the conference packet and accepted as submitted.  
            4.  ADR.  A written report is in the conference packet and accepted as submitted.  
            5.  Pro Se Litigants.  The committee is requesting that each BOG determine what is being done in your state and submit that information to the committee.  You should send the information to Judge Campbell or any committee member.

Old Business.

2000 Annual Conference Financial Report.  A written report was submitted and is contained in the conference packet.  It was accepted as submitted.

House of Delegates.  As always we need more Delegates.  Currently there are 27 unfilled positions.  Another committee is being formed to look at the issues again.  Judges Harris, Williams, Cicconetti and Bentley are appointed and to report to the BOG in Reno.

Updated Conference and Membership Statistics.  The updated material is in the conference packets.

AJA Home Page.  Judge Nachtigal reported that we have new colors and are now able to print off each page on a black and white printer.  The NCSC had been very responsive to our requests and concerns.

Update on Best Practices.  We submitted our materials to the Institute.  They are working on just how to deal with the topic. Judge Olds is our representative to the Advisory Board for the Best Practices Institute.

Reno Conference.  The draft schedule was presented.  There will be an optional CLE at the National Judicial College.  This will be at no additional cost, but you will have to sign up early as space will be limited.

2002 Midyear Meeting Biloxi.  The meeting will be in April.  Hotel still undecided.

2002 Annual Conference Maui.   The Hawaiian Bar Association will assist along with the Chief Justice.

New Business.

Formation of a Past Presidents Committee.  President Williams appointed Judges Rosinek, Mutter and Elliott to a committee to form a Past Presidents Committee.  They will report back at Reno.

Other Business.

A special thank you was given to the Arkansas State Police officers that covered the conference.  Additional thanks to Judge Williams, his wife and Chief Justice Arnold for a great midyear meeting.  A House Resolution needs to be drafted to thank the Hotel for all of their accommodations and to the AOC of Arkansas for the break out session beverages and the wine at last nights dinner. 

The nominations committee has at least 2 openings.  To fill the positions, Judge Steve Routon of Arkansas and Judge Fred Creekmore of Virginia were nominated and elected.

Judge Sudderth announced that if you want to be on a particular committee for next year to let her know as soon as possible.

Judge Kidd announced that Judge Gertner has been appointed the Executive Director for the AJF and is an independent contractor who will report back to the foundation in Reno.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Respectively submitted.


Gayle A. Nachtigal, Secretary.