Benefits of Belonging

AJA currently has a membership of over 2,000 judges from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands.  Membership in AJA is open to all present and former judicial officers of any duly constituted judicial tribunal serving the local, community, provincial, state, or national level, whether having trial or appellate, criminal, civil, or special jurisdiction.


The objects and purposes of the association are (1) to promote and improve the effective administration of justice, (2) to maintain the status and independence of the judiciary, and (3) to provide a forum for the continuing education of its members, and of the general public, and for the interchange of ideas of a judicial nature among all judges.


An eligible Court is defined as any duly constituted judicial tribunal, serving at the local, community, State, Provincial or National level within the United States, any of its territories and possessions, the District of Columbia and Canada and Mexico, whether having trial or appellate, criminal, civil, or special jurisdiction.  Such courts do not become ineligible by reason of being State, Provincial, or territorial Courts or by reason of having jurisdiction beyond the boundaries of the Governmental subdivision in which such courts are located.  Courts of Indian Nations of the North American Continent and Magistrates, Masters, Arbitrators, Referees of any eligible judicial tribunal, if otherwise qualified, shall be eligible on the same basis.


Member Benefits

    There are a remarkable number of benefits to your membership in AJA! Here are some:

  1. AJA Member receive Court Review, a superb, research-based academic journal for judges.
  2. AJA membership gives you access to FREE $500 scholarships to National Judicial College courses
  3. AJA offers outstanding educational programs at wonderful locations.
  4. AJA has produced outstanding white papers on key subjects.
  5. AJA has recognized expertise in the emerging field of procedural fairness, expertise and access to national resources on handling domestic violence, and outstanding webinars on these topics.
  6. AJA is a judge’s ONLY organization.
  7. AJA offers you wonderful collegiality and networking and, at conferences appealing social events along with our great education programs.
  8. AJA membership saves you money: conferences are in desirable locations at affordable rates, plus membership lowers your registration fee.
  9. AJA has an outstanding blog focused on subjects of interest to judges. It has a social media presence, too, and more is coming.
  10. AJA’s leadership and members are committed to diversity. AJA is building collaborative links and connections to every national minority organization with a judicial division.
  11. AJA cares about judicial family members and every conference includes them in excellent programming including our law and literature presentations.
  12. AJA is closely connected to its sister organization, the American Judges Foundation, which supports judicial education programs and national civics education.
  13. AJA offers the chance to make a difference. Members, whether or not they are able to attend conference, can address their interests through a wide variety of committees.
  14. AJA is a national organization, and it is closely affiliated with the other national and Canadian organizations that address justice system issues of concern for state judges. The AJA is an umbrella organization of the National Center for State Courts along with other organizations including the Conference of Chief Justices, Conference of State Court Administrators, National Association of State Judicial Educators, National Association for Court Management and National Association of Women Judges. We hold joint Conferences from time to time which give our members many networking opportunities.
  15. AJA will give you resources to improve the security of judges and family members.
  16. AJA is the Voice of the Judiciary, and we speak out.
  17. AJA’s well regarded Awards make us and recipients proud of their well-deserved recognition.
  18. AJA cares about its members, and we are always looking for new ways to enhance the value of our membership. You can now get discounts on pet insurance and judicial liability insurance (contact Erin Clark); more benefits are coming soon!

Please note: Processing of membership applications takes approximately four weeks. Thank you for your interest in AJA.