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Term Limits Resolutions

Resolution Regarding Term Limits

WHEREAS, the American Judges Association is a national organization of approximately 3,000 federal and state judges of all jurisdictions; and

WHEREAS, an independent and career-oriented judiciary is a fundamental part of Democracy in America; and

WHEREAS, there is a national movement to limit the terms of government officials, including the judiciary; and

WHEREAS, judicial term limits will discourage competent attorneys from entering the judiciary as a career; and

WHEREAS, rural outlying areas will suffer as the number of qualified candidates for the judiciary will be reduced in the event of judicial term limits; and

WHEREAS, the judiciary as a whole would have less tenure and experience, and the quality of opinions and the administration of justice will be reduced in the event of judicial term limits; and

WHEREAS, the tenure of judges is adequately determined under existing law which provides appropriate remedies in the event of misconduct; and

WHEREAS, judicial term limits would tend to discourage qualified attorneys from giving up their law practices for limited judicial tenure.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the American Judges Association, is opposed to automatic judicial term limits because it precludes a professional, independent judiciary and is contrary to the best interest of the public.

This resolution was duly adopted by the Executive Committee of the American Judges Association on August 8, 1996 and has been accepted into the Resolution of the General Assembly of AJA.

AJA Resolutions Committee
Hon. Ira J. Raab, Chair
Hon. Betram J. Gaynor, Vice Chair
Hon. George Greig
Hon. Leslie G. Johnson

So ordered: Martin E. Kravarik, President