Essay Contest

2012 Law Student Essay Competition

2012 Law Student Essay Competition Winners


First Prize
Mandatory Pre-Trial DNA Tests on All Felony Arrestees and Indictees:  Constitutional?
Sang-Jee Park
University of Iowa College of Law


Second Prize

Big Brother is Watching You:  The Slippery Slope of Allowing Searches for DNA Sample Collection from Arrestees
Maria Shaver
Chicago-Kent College of Law


Third Prize

Strands of Privacy:  Privacy Rights and DNA Sample Collection from Federal Criminal Defendants Charged with Felonies
Justin Dickerson
Loyola Marymount Law School


2011 Law Student Essay Competition

2011 Law Student Essay Competition Winners


First Prize
"Reading, Writing and Interrogating: Providing Miranda Warnings to Students in Schoolhouse Interrogations"
Stephanie Forbes
William & Mary Law School


Second Prize
"School's Out? Factoring a Student's Age into Miranda's Custody Calculus"
Daniel Paterno
Pennsylvania State University, The Dickinson School of Law


Third Prize
"Hear My Words That I Might Teach Your: The Rights to Silence and Counsel Down at the School Yard"
Daniel M. Erwin
Quinnipiac University School of Law

2010 Law Student Essay Competition
2010 Law Student Essay Competition Winners


First Prize
"Confronting State Experimentation in the Wake of Melendez-Diaz"
George B. Milam
University of Virginia School of Law


Second Prize
"In Search of a New Rationale: The Effects of Melendez-Diaz on the Admission of Lab Results"
Sarah Martin
University of California – Berkeley, School of Law


Third Prize
"The Procedural Sweet-spot Between the Confrontation Clause and the Administration of Justice Regarding Forensic Analyst Reports"
Justin Fine
University of Baltimore School of Law

The American Judges Association (AJA) annual essay competition is open to all full-time law students enrolled in and attending an accredited law school in the United States or Canada. The first prize for the contest is $3,000; second is $1,500; and third is $1,000. First, second, and third place winners and their law schools will be presented with an award certificate. The winning essay will be published in AJA’s journal, Court Review. We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the National Court Reporters Association.