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After an outstanding AJA conference and the annual meeting of the American Judges Foundation in Seattle, we are now beginning plans for another successful year.  As your new AJF President, I hope to continue and to enhance the traditions established by my predecessors in this office.  Our Bylaws inform our members and potential new member about the purposes and mission of AJF:


“The American Judges Foundation, sometimes referred to as AJF, is a non-profit corporation formed for the purpose of promoting and improving the Judiciary and Justice by providing financial, educational, and other support to projects and groups which promulgate these objectives.


This year the Foundation has promoted these purposes by sponsoring the following:


1.  The annual AJF reception held at the Seattle Art Museum was a highlight of the annual conference, and we thank Judge Shaffer and all others who worked to host this event.   Planning will begin soon on another “special event” for the conference in Toronto.


2.  For our educational contribution to the AJA conference, the Foundation paid the expenses for the annual educational lecture by Erwin Chemerinsky, Professor of Law at the University of California, Irvine School of Law.


3. The Board of Trustees voted to donate to the “We the People” organization which will provide a contribution to judicial education for the youth of the nation. We hope to continue and increase our support in the coming years and become a contributor to other worthwhile educational organizations.  


An important goal for AJF is to increase membership in the coming year.  Please remember to join AJF at the same time you renew your AJA membership.  Your membership will be beneficial personally and help promote our mission to contribute to the improvement of  the Judiciary.


I encourage you to contact me with your ideas and suggestions to make the American Judges Foundation more effective, and look forward to working with you.





The American Judges Foundation is a nonprofit corporation formed for the purpose of promoting and improving the Judiciary and Justice by providing financial and other support to projects and groups that promulgate these objectives. We have our roots deep within the American Judges Association, which is the largest association for Judges in North America.

We strongly urge that you support the American Judges Foundation with your new or renewing membership. With your help the coming year will allow us to provide additional financial support for education or projects improving the Judiciary and Justice.


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