American Judges Association

"The Voice of the Judiciary"



Court Review, a quarterly publication, is
dedicated to informing AJA members
on timely judicial issues. Our members are
invited to contribute articles.

AJA Benchmark is a newsletter that
keeps members informed of the
activities of AJA and its membership,

At every meeting held by AJA, time is set
aside for members to meet and discuss
problems and issues facing their courts.

AJA is interested in the quality of
justice in this country.

AJA founded and has supported the
American Academy of Judicial Education,
an organization providing numerous
quality educational programs throughout
the country.

AJA has been consulted on the
appointment of federal judges and
justices; AJA has representatives on
the steering committee of the Court
Technology Conference and other
national committees; AJA sponsors
an annual essay competition for law

AJA is the founding organization of
the American Judges Foundation, which
works with AJA in funding projects of
importance. Through the AJF, judges
work with other individuals interested
in continuing judicial education and
improving the quality of our judicial

AJF provides seed money for court
improvement projects and the prize
money for AJA's annual law student
essay competition.

AJA is truly an association "of judges,
by judges, for judges"
that seeks not
only to improve the administration of
justice, but also to protect and improve
the future of all judges.

Through its Board of Governors and
standing committees, AJA is active
in matters of judicial compensation,
qualifications, insurance, selection and
tenure, retirement, legislation, and other
matters of personal concern to the
individual judge. it provides a voice to
speak for all judges in improving their
lot and in preserving the independence
of the judicial branch.

These are a few
of the facts...
We rest our case.



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