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Welcome to the American Judges’ Association’s (AJA) home page.  The AJA is the largest judges’ organization in North America.  It is dedicated to “Making Better Judges” through quality education programs and excellent publications such as the quarterly edition of  journal  Court Review.  It represents all levels of courts and jurisdictions in the United States and Canada and elsewhere. To fulfill its mandate, AJA organizes outstanding educational conferences in the spring and fall at attractive locations.  Presenters are from leading scholars and jurists from across Canada and United States.I urge you to navigate this website and access several of our “White Papers” on Procedural Fairness in various courts prepared by leaders of AJA and see the many benefits of membership in AJA. Your joining AJA will only strengthen its role as the “Voice of the Judiciary”.  AJA offers one-year free membership to newly elected/appointed judges.  Members of the Executive Committee and Board of Governors, can offer a gift membership to any judge who has not previously been a member.  To view the many benefits of membership, please visit our membership page. It is a thrill for me personally and historic for AJA to serve as its first Canadian president. Please join me in strengthening the role of AJA throughout United States, Canada and elsewhere.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.




New Materials for Procedural Fairness

    AJA has done 11 interviews with leading figures nationally on how to improve perceptions of fairness in our courts.

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    Here Now!

    A free, online, comprehensive Domestic Violence educational resource for judges. 

    This course contains interactive modules on key topics which will allow judges to learn at their own pace from leading national experts.

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  • Toronto Judge Becomes first Canadian President of American Judges Association
    The largest Judges Association in the USA selects a Canadian as its president for the first time in its history. Toronto Justice Russell Otter is sworn in as the first Canadian president of the American Judges Association.

  • AJA is pleased to announce 2016 Award Recipients
    AJA presented its 2016 awards at the recent annual conference in Toronto.  AJA was honored to present its Harold V. Froehlich Judicial Courage Award to Judge Steve Leben of the Kansas Court of Appeals.  The National American Gavel Award was presented to the Kirk Makin for his body of work on the courts while at The Globe and Mail.  Elizabeth Johnson of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, was presented with the Regional American Gavel Award for her investigative reporting on the wrongfully convicted. In addition, AJA was pleased to present the Chief Justice Richard W. Holmes Award of Merit to Chad Schmucker, President of the National Judicial College, and the Libby Hines Domestic Violence Award to Judge Sydney Hanlon of the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

  • AJA adopts latest white paper on procedural fairness

    The American Judges Association, at its annual conference in Seattle, adopted the latest in a series of white papers focusing on procedural fairness.  The paper, “The Judge is the Key Component:  The Importance of Procedural Fairness in Drug-Treatment Courts,” can be found here

  • Judges Invited to Join Adult and Juvenile Cases Listserv
    The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) invites all judges who preside over adult and juvenile cases involving community supervision, including pre-trial and probation, to join a listserv.  This listserv will serve as a secure and confidential means for judges across the country to engage in open discussions about current local and national issues in community supervision.  Judges and the NCSC will have the ability to post informational items as well as to pose questions to other listserv members and engage in discussions.  To join the listserv, send an e-mail to  In the body of the message, type:  join Judges-CommunitySupervision.  Then follow the instructions in the return message to confirm the request.  Please contact Michelle White at with any questions or for additional information.
  • AJA President Brian MacKenzie presents the 2014 American Gavel Award to Gloria Borgerof CNN

  • AJA spent time at its 2014 midyear meeting discussing strategic planning.  The report developed from that discussion is available here.

  • Extra,  Extra read all about it...AJA Past President, Judge Kevin Burke (MN), again writes thoughtfully and insightfully, this time about judges and technology.

  • The Sedona Conference® announces new publication
    The Sedona Conference® has just released its latest publication, The Sedona Conference® Cooperation Proclamation: Resources for the Judiciary. The Resources are intended to assist state and federal judges with the management of electronically stored information ("ESI") in civil discovery and at trial, focusing on the "stages of litigation from a judge's perspective," beginning with the preservation of ESI and proceeding through the initial case management order, the resolution of discovery disputes, trial issues, and post-judgment awards of ESI-related costs. (More.)

  • The American judges Association is proud to announce its partnership with the National Association of Women Judges' Informed Voter-Fair Judges initiative. Please go to the following link (visit our website) for more information about this important effort by judges to better inform citizens about the importance of having fair and impartial courts to fulfilling the aspirations of citizens in a democracy and guaranteeing opportunities to live prosperous, productive, complete and fulfilling lives.

  • New Center on Access to Justice for All
    Technical assistance available through new Center on Court Access to Justice for All. The National Center for State Courts has launched a new Web site to assist courts in their efforts to expand access to justice. For more information, see this announcement or visit the Access Center at (Announcement.)

  • AJA announces completion of an updated booklet for judges on domestic violence - Domestic Violence and the Courtroom, Knowing the Issues... Understanding the Victim.


2017 Midyear Meeting

April 27-30
Arlington, Virginia

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2017 Midyear Meeting

April 27-30
Arlington, VA